Bonsai — mokume wedding ring made of red, white gold and silver
$3 300
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SKU: 4194-0

Bonsai — mokume wedding ring made of red, white gold and silver

$3 300
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Red and white 14K gold, sterling silver
Base width:
~ 6,5 mm
Black rhodium, oxidation

Once I heard about bonsai philosophy and it reminded me of our love. For example, did you know that this art requires certain wisdom, delicacy, justice and patience from its creators? Just like the art of love. A master creates a tree, turning to it with his total essence. He listens to its humble whispering and appears in the exact state the bonsai wants him to be. “The tree of life is the above all. There are no rules applied to a bright life”, say the masters. Did you hear that? The world of living is of the highest importance! Don’t think of what makes you the best. Forget about the rules.  We are beautiful as long as we live and our love lasts. 

An image of a mighty millennial tree grows on a tiny piece of land. With proper care, a bonsai could live a hundred years and become the living symbol that unites generations.

Now you understand why my first thought was about us? The art of love is the greatest power. Together we will give the world whole generations. I dream of seeing us in everything - in our kids, in the prosperous country in the light of a cloudless day.  I want a day to begin and end with your warmest hugs. It makes people stronger. 

The “Mokume Bonsai” wedding ring are incredibly strong. They combine the powerful symbol of the tree of life, the enlightening art of bonsai and mokume. Ring is made of red, white gold and silver. Coated with oxidation and black rhodium. 

NOTE: the estimated time of production is around 3-4 weeks. 

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