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Mokume ring «Northern Lights» (seamless). Red gold, etched silver, red garnet

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Red 14K gold, sterling silver
  • Insert: Red garnet 6x6 mm
  • Plating: Oxidation


The Northern Lights is an amazing heavenly phenomenon, colorful, peaceful, fantastic! They say that the angels open this heavenly landscape to our gaze so that we understand all the sweetness and beauty of heavenly blessings.

For many years, Alaskan Eskimos have observed this miracle of nature and believe that the clouds shine, because the light from the windows of the heavenly palace falls on them. The palace is invisible, and the souls of the hunters live in it, and when they want to look at their native lands, they open the windows. This is the northern or aurora in the sky.

In ancient Norway, they believed that the aurora borealis are the bridge by which the gods descend to earth. Still here they believe that the aurora occurs because the light of the stars is reflected from the shields of Valkyries.

The most important thing is not the beliefs, legends and stories of ancestors. The deep sacredness is that the aurora is the moment of contact of the cosmos with our planet, the reunion of mutual realities, the moment of the friendly kiss of the Universe, which it gives to the Earth.

We recreated this incredible beauty in a fantastic ring from the Mokume Gan collection. The flowing lines of the northern lights, its unusually bright colors and the beauty of each transition — we depicted all this on a beautiful metal canvas.

We called this ring «Mokume. Northern Lights». It combines three metals — silver and red gold. In the ring we concentrated the present northern kingdom, cold, transparent, but full of charm and unearthly radiance.

Our ring will be a landmark for you, a part of the sky and the universe, a reminder of eternity. And of course, together with him, we wish you at least once in your life to see the northern lights on your own eyes!

IMPORTANT: production time is 3-4 weeks. The cost depends on the size.