Haiku — mokume ring with moonstone
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SKU: 4694

Haiku — mokume ring with moonstone

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14K red gold, sterling silver
Moonstone 10x8 mm
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It is not difficult to know the personality of a person: all of them will say their character, deeds, words. And to know the soul of man is a great test, because the phenomenon of the soul is a cunning mystery of the Universe, and she, as you know, loves to hide her secrets behind the great veil of obscurity.

The greatest psychoanalyst of the past era, Sigmund Freud, said: «The only person with whom you must compare yourself is you in the past. And the only person better than you should be, this is who you are now. »

We are unique not only because of the eye color or finger pattern. We are unique because we create from ourselves a whole world of actions, thoughts and memories. We are microuniverses that open their eyes every morning to meet millions of other universes. We are the heroes of our own films, we are the only spectators in the theater of our life.

Every person should wake up in the morning with the thought: «The world is beautiful, and I am his unique creation. I am a happy person, and my life is incredible.» It’s so simple and wonderful to know that the whole world was created so that we could be happy in it.

The Mokume Gane collection carries the philosophy of the uniqueness of the person and the soul of a person. Mokume jewelry is created thanks to the vast amount of knowledge and work of the jeweler. In order to make one ring, it must work for hours, creating a perfect tandem of several metals, which as a result should become a unique pattern.

So is man: all his life he creates the perfect sculpture of his soul and body.

Ring «Mokume» created from silver and red gold, as another unique piece of jewelry art. A striped pattern appears on the ring as a result of the alloy of these precious metals. A unique moonstoneis the essence and value of the human soul.

IMPORTANT: production time is 3-4 weeks.