SKU: 2010

Ring «The face of the character» . Silver, oxidation, yellow gold

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling silver, yellow gold 585 samples


We believe that each character is something more than just a collection of individual-peculiar personality traits. The character is a mirror of the soul, which is polished for many years. True, everyone works on it differently. Someone devotes a lot of time to self-improvement, but for someone it doesn't matter at all.

There are not many people in the world whose character can be called truly volitional and strong. However, they are easy to see among the crowd, because they always stand out for their incredible charisma.

Such people do not seek to become similar to others or to adapt to other canons and norms. They build their own reality step by step. 

Holistic and powerful people help to grow everybody with whom they are dealing.

Such people inspired us to create an unusual ring that is a symbol of power and hardness of character.