SKU: 2020

«Self-healing» ring. Yellow gold, silver, oxidation

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14K gold, sterling silver
  • Plating: Оxidation


No “magic pills,” herbs, techniques, or healers can cure us as long as we resist it. In order to recover, you need to completely release the disease. In order to heal the old wounds, do not reopen their memories. Before you feel the joy of indulgence, it is important to take off the costume of the victim. It is hard and painstaking work, but only it can bring a full recovery for the soul, heart and body.
We have created the Ring of Self-Healing as a symbol of the fact that all necessary resources and energy for complete healing are already laid in every person. The process of disclosing these secret inner forces is not an easy path. But the one who decided to go through it, knows for sure that it is the only way to restore your soul and body.
Without the right setting, trust and love, it can be difficult to get the ball rolling.
Only internal readiness for decisive changes gives us the necessary charge for transformation. 
The Ring of Self-Healing is for those who are no longer afraid to look at their pain. It is for those who dare to challenge their own weaknesses.

Weight — 9.1 grams. Width — 7-8 mm.