The muse — rectangular amaranth box
SKU: B000201
SKU: B000201

The muse — rectangular amaranth box

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List of woods:
We use high-quality woods that feature peculiar textures. It is for this reason that our jewellery box has such a unique appearance and can slightly differ from what you see in photographs.
Other variants of this model:

Our jewellery has always been more than just beautiful accessories. We invest deep meaning and love for our work into each and every piece. From the beginning, we decided to create works that would go beyond ready-made templates and shape our own trends. 

Over time, we realized that this philosophy should to be extended to all of our activities. Thus, the idea arose to create our own jewellery boxes, each of which would also have its own story.

We used amaranth to make this model and later coated it with natural oil to enhance the wood’s properties and natural appearance.  

This stylish ring box is a perfect choice for a gift.