SKU: 0085

Engagement ring "Lignum". White gold, topaz, white rhodium

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: White 14K gold
  • Insert: Topaz 7x5 mm
  • Plating: White rhodium


Our golden «Lignum» ring with topaz is designed for true fans of beauty. Feeling it on your hand, you will feel a light breath of mountain peaks and the forest freshness. Have you noticed that it is made in the shape of a tree branch? We tried to convey in this decoration not only the form but also the deep sense of nature and its best creations. 

This handcrafted golden ring is perfect for girls who feel the magnificence of the surrounding world, as well as for dreamers and nature lovers. After all, each of us has a microcosm that is revealed in appearance!

You can buy this ring for your beloved girl, wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, and other dear women. It is perfect as a gift for a bright occasion. Also, young men often choose the Lignum ring to propose to a beloved girl.