Mantra of the soul — yellow gold engagement ring with a diamond
$6 300
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SKU: 1618

Mantra of the soul — yellow gold engagement ring with a diamond

$6 300
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Yellow 14K gold
Yellow diamond 0.45 ct

People wander to distant lands, cross oceans and traverse the continents in search of answers to questions of the soul. We looked for the universe in the distant Philippines, in the deep waters of the Atlantic, on the ephemeral island of Atlantis, in the rough archipelagos and wide ocean bays. But the world is not there. 

There comes a moment when we stop looking for the universe in the world around us and begin to look for it within ourselves. This is perhaps the most important and responsible moment of our spiritual lives, a revolution of the soul in the material world. Sages have said that ‘people are afraid of what is inside, and yet this is the only place where they can find what they need.’ 

There is tremendous power in the human soul, a force before which the vast oceans and endless deserts humbly bow their heads. Through every cell of our bodies course the energy of the sun and the stars, the firmness of the Earth and the fiery glow of the ocean. Find this energy in yourself and allow it to become a part of your life. 

A mantra is concentrated energy released from the trapped cells of the mind by a simple key of the soul and inner strength. In ancient times, it was said that the human soul could resonate with the Universe with the help of mantras. This is conscious meditation, which guides us to purify the mind. 

Why can't a piece of jewellery be a mantra? Especially one that is filled with the energy of the sun and the earth? A sunny summer’s day gives us more joy and warmth than hundreds of cold, autumn hours. 

The ‘Soul Mantra’ ring is made of solar metal - yellow gold. A yellow diamond - one of the rarest and most precious stones - rests in the metal caste. Its lemon colour contrasts brightly even with yellow gold, and its brilliance threatens to outshine the rays of the sun itself.