SKU: 1446

Engagement ring "Grand Imperium". White and yellow gold, ruby, diamonds, white rhodium

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: White 14K gold, yellow 14K gold
  • Insert: Ruby 6 mm, diamond 1,3 mm — 8 pcs.
  • Plating: White rhodium


Beauty and intelligence are not totally subjective concepts. When someone is truly beautiful and harmonious inside, the whole world will notice these traits. The manifestation of a great mind will inevitably find a recognition in the hearts of millions. Something truly valuable in this world cannot lose its meaningfulness. 

The charm of the spring sky is undoubtful. Einstein’s brilliance is not limited by a small circle of scientists. True sense is always on the surface and never hides in the distant haze. 

Just like our «Grand Imperium» collection. We were not modest while choosing the name for it and named the ring according to its charm and harmony. The fact is that it’s brilliant. And there is no passion without brilliance — and no look will pass by such stunning jewelry. 

Since the Middle Ages and nowadays, people in power have worn abundant jewelry to emphasize their social and high financial status. They wore rings with amethysts, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Precious stones or gems are the unconditional gifts of nature to a man. It encourages us to see what a beautiful world it has created. The glow of its dark hair in the mirror beauty of the precious stones.

No wonder we still value natural gems and solar gold the most. Why hide the true values of nature? Or hide the beauty behind the gates of anxiety? Love yourself the way the Universe loves you.

The base of the «Grand Imperium» ring is made of white gold with an authentic pattern covering the delicate beauty of the ring. The ring setting of yellow gold holds a ruby of the evening sunset color, reflecting the whole galaxy. The ruby is accompanied by a space guard — bright starry diamonds.