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Engagement ring «Claddagh». Red, white gold, ennobled ruby, diamond

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: White and red 14K gold
  • Insert: The central ruby is 5x5 mm and the diamond in the crown is 1,5 mm


The pink burning heart in golden hands. The one which gives us life, freedom and love. The most beautiful human emotions are associated with deepest feelings. One’s heart is a faithful friend, mentor and master of our thoughts and actions. Take good care of it, cherish and give it only the best feelings.

If you are restless about the inner questions, no worries. Neither ask your mind, nor turn to the experience of others or guess the right answer. You should ask your heart. It never lies: How come the Universe could delude itself? In your heart you will find a quiet harbour, where all the inner disagreements break in the surface of a quiet resilient lagoon. 

Victor Hugo once said, "I bow my head before the great mind, I bow my knees before a beautiful heart. 

Traditionally, a heart is the symbol of love and passion, hands symbolize friendship and the crown — devotion. Have You noticed that the crown is on top of all? Devotion is the most crucial feature of any relationship, without it no friendship, trust and love arepossible. 

The ring is made of red and white gold, the insert is a heart-shaped ruby with a bright shining diamond above it.