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Engagement ring «Winter twig». Palladium gold, diamond

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Palladium 14K gold
  • Insert: Diamond 0.25 ct (4 mm)


When nature wears a winter gown, it is charming. Yes, it is full of surprises, snow, wind, cold gray sky. In winter, we are waiting for the holidays, Christmas mood, family comfort, and frosty joy on shining windows.

Winter should be especially valued, the cold contrasts with the spring warmth and the radiance of the first green leaves. So does the jewelry — it’s glow reminds of frosty freshness and purity of winter twilight. 

The beautiful «Winter twig» ring is a unique representative of the «Twig» collection. A delicate, tiny, as weightless as a feather. 

The ring is made of palladium 14K gold. A surprisingly clear and transparent diamond sits in the ring, conquering hearts and eyes with its elegance and beauty. 

Feel yourself beautiful and loved together with the stunning «Winter twig» jewelry...