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Engagement ring «Titans». White gold, diamond

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: White 14K gold
  • Insert: Diamond 0.1 ct (3 mm)


Give me your hand and I’ll show you what you’re capable of.

Let our path be the path to the self. Faithful, meaningful and honest. I’m all about strength and have no need for obedience or objection. All I want is to give you my love, to watch it pour out of your shores and crash over my lands in volumes rivaling the oceans themselves. Our meeting must be the result of titanic efforts. I will never trim your wings because I did not give them to you. I will never demand something beyond your potential, but I also do not believe that I will ever see your limit.

I want to see you self-sufficient. I will not fill the role of one of your parents even if they didn’t fulfill their duties as you knew they should have. I will not be a child that you have to take care of. The world is mixed up enough as it is. I’m interested in its structure because I see strength in it, as well as in us.

Let’s live together as if we have been permitted to be happy. There is only one feeling on earth that makes people feel like gods, and now I feel it like never before.

I am in love.

With the «Titans» ring in your hands, these are the only words you will want to say. This texture of the white gold embodies the indomitability of our feelings, and the fragile diamond inside symbolizes the beauty of titanic love. This is a luxurious piece, made with a great purpose and the desire to create something truly unique and remarkable.