Secret of the soul — engagement palladium gold ring
$3 750
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SKU: 4209

Secret of the soul — engagement palladium gold ring

$3 750
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Palladium and yellow 14K gold
Tanzanite 6 mm, black diamond 1,75 mm

The mystery of our world is that it’s the fruit of our imagination. Sure, we can touch trees, hear the music of winds, see the face of beloved ones. But we cannot touch mercy, hear tenderness, see patience. All the concepts of sensuality and emotional perception exist exceptionally in our consciousness.

We are the creators of the world of feelings and spiritual perfection. Creators of the external and internal universe. Man has no right to create his own face and body, but he is bound to create his soul from the grains of stardust that are chaotically embedded in it. 

Hermann Hesse once said that we all are the creators to the extent the soul participates in the creation of the world. 

One man is a drop in the endless ocean. And the drops shape the purity and depth of the ocean, the power of its waves, and warm touch to the shore. Every drop is important, every person is perfect. 

Have you ever thought that there are no two identical faces, fingerprints, hair, eye lines in the entire world? You can find thousands of similar faces and characters, but finding two identical people is of no chance. Mental processes, mental anxieties, aspirations, personal perception — absolutely everything in one person is different from the other. 

But it’s not faces or fingers that make the difference, but the ocean waves slightly visible in the eyes of every person. Out there, behind the screen of a misty world and fleeting events, hides an incredible force — the secret of the human soul. And in the face of it, all the elements of the world become powerless and blind. Because the soul sees everything, knows everything, feels everything and rules everything. 

The mystery of the soul is like the search for the Holy Grail: only the noble and strong in spirit ones can find it. When a person finds the real treasures of her soul, the whole world is no longer a mystery to her.

We have put a part of the Grail in a beautiful «Mystery of the Soul» golden ring. The base of the ring is made of white gold, and the gold alloy decorates the surface. The cosmic glow of tanzanite is reflecting in the golden rays of the ring, like treasures at the bottom of the blue-eyed ocean.

Inside the ring is hidden a mysterious find every man in the world wants to have. 

The golden thread of consciousness led to a bright black diamond which is the key to the true secret of the soul. 

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