Saturn — white gold diamond engagement ring
$11 400
SKU: 4020
SKU: 4020

Saturn — white gold diamond engagement ring

$11 400
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White 14K gold
Brown-gray-black central diamond and black 1.2 ct, white and yellow diamonds — 63 pcs

Our «Saturn» ring is a cosmic project that we’ve been working on for several months. 

While SpaceX is discovering Mars, we had a deeper insight into creating a special jewelry design. Through making something completely new, we tried to feel the pulse of the galaxy and get inspired by planets and constellations. Maybe, it was them, whispering the right direction to us and suggesting the proper way to make lines beautiful and graceful. 

A 1,24 ct brown-gray-black diamond sits in the center of the ring. Here it is — a real hot Saturn with its savage unrestrained temper, the throne of one of the kings of the universe. This giant is accompanied by its black and white satellites — 63 in total, as many as the gems on the ring. 

The ring is made of 14K white gold. Saturn holds its genuine place in the dark twilights of the intergalactic kingdom.

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