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Engagement ring «Cinderella». Palladium and yellow 18K gold, gray diamond

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Palladium and yellow 18K gold
  • Insert: Gray diamond 0.6 ct (5,2 mm)


Hidden beauty is the most wanted. It does not seek excessive attention or outrage. It patiently waits for its time to blossom. To turn up delicately. To enchant with its immediacy and authenticity. With its natural power. Enchant only the ones who recognize it. 

Cinderella is the embodiment of this beauty concept. 

Cinderella is beautiful and tender. No matter what she wore. Her charm was seen even through rough clothes and the dullness of her everyday life. This beauty was a threat to those who tried to outshine it. 

But then came the moment when during the royal ball her beauty started to shine to the fullest. She left no one indifferent. And especially the heart of the prince. The one which later on managed to recognize her even under the layer of dirt and ash.

True noble beauty cannot be hidden. It will come out anyway and shine as never before against the dark sky. 

Our special «Cinderella» ring is all about this kind of beauty. About the fabulous potential of transformation that has every woman. Cinderella can become a princess. Every Cinderella is the princess. It’s enough that a loving heart recognizes her in the crowd and crowns her with the power of her love. And then the mysterious beauty of the mistress will bloom majestically for the whole world.

The «Cinderella» ring is the combination of laconic classic design with incredibly valuable essence. The deliberately somewhat rough surface texture is reminiscent of Cinderella’s casual clothes. The ones that for some time hid the fabulous beauty of its owner. The precious authentic alloy of palladium gold and matte texture gives the ring a special «ash» hue and at the same time making it look precious, and the unique diamond is another evidence of the high royal status of this jewel.