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Engagement ring «Forget-Me-Not». Silver, oxidation, gilding, diamond

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Insert: Diamond 2 mm
  • Plating: Oxidation, gilding


In our body — hundreds of hours lived. In our eyes, there are not one thousand spills: joyful, with a sunny smile in their eyes and sad too, with wrinkles of tears, with fog under their eyebrows.

In our hands were dozens of hugs. There are millions of touches in our fingers: gentle, cautious, defiant, hard, inept and confident, persistent.

Our feet taken hundreds of steps. In our lips — thousands of smiles mixed with kisses, cramped insults, joyful laughter, wet greetings.

What just was not in us and with us, and oddly enough, everything passes. Time and space flow through the fingers, leaving traces there, which are also not eternal.

Oh, and so what? To cry, to be sad, do we suffer because it is inaccessible to our understanding? Never.

Only live and laugh. To love, to fall, to rise, to break the sunrises, to reassemble them together, to love so keenly and truly as ever! And collect memories in warm hands, and protect them as the most beloved person in the world, and lock them in your heart. Because nothing is forever.

“Never forget me. And I will not forget you either, ” — said the Creator of forget-me-not. Only we are the creators of our memories. No one but us can grow them out of air and ashes, breathe life into the fragile sculpture of the boundary reality, make it tangible that which previously had neither flesh nor form.

And love, real and tangible, is the first proof that a person becomes a creator.

Reality obeys feelings and actions, so it was conceived. Love, and the world around you will change. Love and meet the morning happy man. Love, and be close to those who see you, who understand you, who agree to divide one world for two.

Forget-Me-Not is a collection of happy memories. A gift that preserves the shadow of a lover. Decorations that challenge space and time.

Love and you will never be forgotten.