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Ring mokume «Orion». Silver, red gold, emerald

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Red 14k Gold, etched sterling silver
  • Insert: Emerald 5 mm
  • Plating: Oxidation


When it seemed all the wedding ring designs were created, it appeared. Created in an exclusive technique, to emphasize how special you are. Complete inspiration, total ease, impulse, charm, and sophistication. Because you deserve only the best.

For the reason, that night can reveal more mysteries to us than a day. And for the love being able to show more than one’s eyes may see. Because you are the only one. You are like the most visible constellation in the sky. As the finest work of a heavenly jeweler. Being with you is like touching the sky.

The ring is made of two metals: red gold and silver. Traditionally, in the manufacture of mokume, we oxidize silver, making the alloy lines more precise and more contrasting.

The ring in mokume gane style is not just a technical masterpiece, precious metals and natural gemstone. This is an investment in the future; this kind of ring should be passed from generation to generation.

It is made not for the body and gazes of your friends, but the awe of the soul and inner harmony from the convergence with nature. Jewelry that will always remind you of the triumph of true values and beauty.