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Ring mokume «Absolute» seamless. Red gold, etched silver, spessartite garnet

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14K red gold, sterling silver
  • Insert: Garnet spessartine 5 mm
  • Finish: Oxidation


This ring mokume gane worthy of being called the "pearl" of the collection. This ring, like true love, happens once and for all life. It pulsates and shimmers in the rays of the sky, like the living heart of the planet. The bright light comes from the depths of the stone and shades the world as legitimate realm.

Love is the Absolute, embodied on this planet. This invisible but ever-living energy rules the world. Energy, which creates history, unites states, foments wars and completes them, encourages deeds, inspires to improve, stimulates progress. Love makes the heart deep, and the souls light. Love makes you suffer, believe, give in, sacrifice and create. Love gives us subtle sensuality. It gives us an ideal. The ideal of the Absolute.

Absolute is hard to find in something tangible. We tend to be disappointed even in what once seemed to us impeccable. Even in what we admired. But sincere deep love — as a symbol of the Absolute, is able to give us a hint of true perfection. Love, which passes all possible tests, cobwebs of fate and numerous steep bends, can truly be called the embodiment of the Absolute.

Proceeding from this tender, sensual philosophy of the heart, we created a magic ring for the proposal. It is made of yellow 18К gold with a large orange sapphire. Caste is made of yellow gold. This ring is ideal for engagement rings from the collection «Absolute» and will look charmingly on the owner’s finger as a double ring. 

It is worth noting that the ring is made in the ancient Japanese technique, which you can find below on the link.

IMPORTANT: production time is 3-4 weeks.