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Engagement ring «Absolute». Yellow 18K gold, blue sapphire

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Yellow 18K gold
  • Insert: Blue sapphire 4 mm


What is the absolute? Mankind is in constant search for the answer to this question.

But can the truths that are revealed to the hearts be described in words?

The absolute is something unconditional and independent. It’s the basis, the source, in the face of which eternity and all possible principles and phenomena bow silently. The absolute is perfect, flawless and complete. Resilience, brightness, openness, and spontaneity are the attributes of it. 

The absolute is love. Love in its best manifestation. It’s a loving devotion that knows no arguments, reasons, definitions and excuses. This is an immense tenderness, full acceptance and eternal attraction. 

Love is manifested everywhere: in the beauty of a blooming spring flower, in the light of the eyes looking at you, in the flutter of the wings of an unskilful chick which flies out of the nest. In the dawn, which changes the night darkness and in the evening twilights that bring rest after the long working day. 

All this, like amazing patterns on the silk canvas of reality, emerges tenderly and subtly every moment, for us, and when one’s heart is able to see the beauty of another symbol, it falls in love with it at the same moment, and the word absolute is fully revealed to him.