SKU: 3008

Earrings «Sea dream» with english fastener. White gold, topaz

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 18K white gold
  • Insert: Blue topaz 10x8 mm — 2 pcs.
  • Weight: ~ 3,7 g


Stand not by the sea. See how the horizon covers white whales, laying them in huge velvet and emerald waves. Feel the salty taste of the air, even without touching the water. To touch with your fingers smooth, without a single scratch, pebbles.

To watch is not to see. But standing at the seashore, everything is different. And with the aroma of salty wind on the lips, the thought comes to the heart: «Everything is just beginning.» And infinity, which you have not seen or heard before, stands before you in full growth. And that which you did not notice before becomes so obvious, so bright that it blinds your eyes.

And all the feelings that have drowned somewhere there, between the pirate black ships, come back again and touch the wrists with a feather. Because in fact, nothing ever goes away. Only we are leaving. And back — too.

A man by the sea is never alone. Element fills it with life, love, everything. But most importantly — dreams. Dreams near the sea are especially sweet, and so easily attainable that it is worth touching on them as they are almost fulfilled.

The sea seems calm, but it is full of action, passion, impossible and desperate desires. Feel the pulse of the sea. Feel that you and the sea are one and the same. You are the element that has not yet revealed its strength to the end.

The sea will not leave anyone alone. Ring «Sea dream». White gold, blue topaz.