SKU: 3010

Earrings «Versailles». White gold, sapphire, white rhodium

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k White Gold
  • Insert: Sapphire 5 mm — 2 pcs
  • Plating: White Rhodium


Romantic and unusual Versailles. It is located in the suburbs of Paris and is considered one of the main attractions of France. Entire dynasties ruled in magnificent decorated walls, creating the spirit of the era of the greatest country of the Middle Ages and the New Time.

Versailles is not Paris, although many associate the palace with the French capital. Versailles is a city in the city, like the Vatican in Rome. It is authentic and self-sufficient, as if it exists separately from everything else. This is the former residence of the great kings who became part of the history of a great and epoch-making country.

When you look at the palace, you will see the construction of such incredible beauty that it is simply breathtaking. Its parks, sculptures and green gardens attract tourists from all over the world, undoubtedly Versailles is a cultural and historical phenomenon of France.

We decided to partially embody it in the collection of our jewelry with the same name "Versailles". An unusual decorative pattern on a gold canvas resembles the lines and forms of French architecture.

Earrings are made of white gold, on it —a beautiful vintage pattern.

However, these earrings are only part of the luxury Versailles collection. We offer you to buy a ring and a pendant for it.