Tears of joy — earrings made of red and white gold with garnets and diamonds
$4 125
SKU: 4171
SKU: 4171

Tears of joy — earrings made of red and white gold with garnets and diamonds

$4 125
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Red and white 14K gold
Garnets pear 8x6 mm — 2 pcs., diamond 2 mm — 10 pcs.
~ 5,9 g
Height — 25 mm

Only one real magic exists. The magic of joy. Someone needs a dozen reasons for it, and someone just enjoys it. A kind of childish joy which... can make you cry. For the simple reason of being alive, healthy, sensual. For the simple truth of life being beautiful, cyclical, and unpredictable. And it loves you. 

There is joy from love. When a single thought of how strong your love is, the heart is about to break and no words could describe it. You keep silent and grateful, and shiny drops of joy appear on your face.

There is a joy that outgrows life. Actually, it multipoles it when a child is born. First, you just get to know about this and realize that life will never be the same anymore. Then 9 months of expectation follow, where every day is different from the previous one. And then comes the day when you hold the baby for the first time in your hands. you gently embrace your continuation without even being aware of how many happy moments are to come, smiling with tears of joy that grow on your face. 

Feel the inspiration in your every move! And shall the happiness be always with you. In any possible form. Including jewellery. Our new «Tears of happiness» earrings are dedicated to the moments when you feel absolutely happy. They are made of red and white gold. The garnet in the form of a drop, reminds of the highest feelings, the way to which is decorated with precious diamonds. The earrings look like a real celebration which you want to share.