SKU: 4171

Earrings «Tears of joy.» Red and white gold, garnet, diamonds

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k red and white gold
  • Insert: Garnets pear 8x6 mm — 2 pcs., Diamonds 2 mm — 10 pcs.
  • Weight: ~ 5,9 g
  • Sizes: Earring — 25 mm


There is only one real magic. And this is the magic of joy. Someone needs dozens of reasons for her, but someone just happens. Some kind of children's joy, from which ... From which tears can pour. Just because you are here: alive, healthy, sensual. Just because here is life: beautiful, cyclical, unexpected. And it loves you.

There is joy from love. When, at the mere thought of how much you love, your heart opens so much that words do not belong here. You are silent in gratitude and quiet grace. And sparkling drops of joy appear on your face.

Feel inspiration at every step! And may happiness always stays with you. In any form. Including in jewelry. Our new Tears of Joy earrings are dedicated to the moments when you were absolutely happy. They are made of red and white gold. Garnet in the shape of a drop resembles the epicenter of feelings, to which valuable diamonds lead. Earrings look like a real holiday that I want to share.