SKU: 4125

Earrings-studs «Suns». Red and white gold, black rhodium

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k Red and white gold
  • Plating: Black rhodium
  • Sizes: Height — 6 mm


Before you even blink an eye, childhood, summer and dandelions will run from under your nose. The sky will treacherously fall, and the memory of the warmth will remain only on tanned hands. And you will remember how in July the sun slept on them. Everyone who once conquered this fidget bird knows how he doesn’t want to let it fly into the sky.

A tiny miracle of nature, like a half pea of ​​red color, it raises the varnished elytra, releases transparent wings and flies away. Just like the moment of happiness itself. You cannot see the main thing with your eyes. It runs away from your gaze until you give it freedom.

The suns will teach you caution and dexterity. But at the same time, they will show you the power of trust. They will show how being tiny and defenseless, you can safely lie on your big, strong hands. And most importantly — the sun will teach you the art of letting it go, if that is the time.

The dream of leaving the amazing sun forever embodied in our new golden earrings-pusset. May summer never end.