Galaxy imprint — silver stud earrings
SKU: 3089
SKU: 3089

Galaxy imprint — silver stud earrings

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Sterling silver
Weight 4,9 g
Height — 11,6 mm

The traces that a person leaves behind on earth are an imprint of a faraway galaxy. It is a fossilized reflection and a mute response to all the diversity of existence that we call «life.» 

You will never find two identical imprints, just as you will never find the same two whorls and spirals on your fingertips. Like hardened magma, they conceal the burning flame of life.

We race through the boundlessness of outer space in imitation of the celestial bodies from which we are derived, and when we run out of fuel we die with our stars.

Only dust and memories can then testify to our temporary journey along the Milky Way, as it is then our charge to return to the Eternal Light.

When such thoughts take hold of us, there is nothing left for us to do but dedicate a new piece to them. The silver «Imprint of the Galaxy» earrings are a miniature etching that contains the infinite mysteries of human existence.