Feathers — silver earrings
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SKU: 2045

Feathers — silver earrings

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Sterling silver
~ 2,8 g
Height — 14 mm

«Genuineness in everything. It glorifies dignity, inspires speeches and everyday life, adorns everything good in a man» ©. 

Imagine yourself walking in the fresh air on a mountain pathway. Somewhere between the hills of Georgia or on the flat roads of Austria. You breathe deeply, catching sunny bunnies on your palms, your gait is light and confident. You feel life in the milky sky, warm sun and birds singing far from the alpine starts. 

A feeling of lightness in one’s soul is the most wonderful thing that life could give. Your main goal is finding this feeling in every day, every minute and every thought. Eternal feeling of sensing the clouds. 

A feather, the symbol of lightness, has totally charmed and inspired us to create a whole collection of wonderful jewelry. The feather represents a joyful flight of a bird, spreading its wings and embracing the skies, as a beloved brother. The bird’s feather symbolizes truth and space, identifies with the wind, air and soul. 

Freya, the scandinavian goddess, wore a magic feather cape that allowed her to fly in the air. So did the Celts, they wore capes decorated with feathers, representing the portal to the other worlds. Fairies from legends also adorned their dresses with feathers. 

Wearing a feather on your ears symbolizes accepting the power of a bird in you. Feeling the eternal mysteries of this world, the heaven ease and fresh morning breeze.