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Earrings «Marquis». White and yellow gold, garnets

Available in showroom: Kyiv

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14 K yellow and white gold
  • Insert: Garnets 5 mm — 2 pcs.
  • Weight: ~ 5,1 g
  • Sizes: Height — 20 mm


Refined elegance or seductive playfulness? Luxury or simplicity? Dreamy walks alone or stays in the limelight of the public? A noble lady can allow herself to be different.

Earrings "Marquis" is suitable for any mood, clothing and opportunities. It testifies to the aristocratic nature of your taste, and also subtly emphasizes the special refinement of the image. Therefore, it is so easy to feel confident and luxurious with them even at the royal ball!

Openwork edges of the earrings resemble the crown and at the same time expensive lace of vintage dresses. The surfacing of yellow gold on the surface adds to the decoration even more radiance. And a garnet radiates truly royal sparkles of luxury.

Before the "Marquis" is hard to resist. Her charms, manners, power and tenderness lure and subdue the heart.

Earrings "Marquis" — a precious find for women who themselves are the embodiment of elegance and nobility.