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Earrings «Atlantis». Silver, yellow gold, topaz, diamonds

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k Yellow Gold, sterling silver
  • Insert: Topaz 5 mm — 2 pcs., Diamond 1,5 mm — 2 pcs.
  • Weight: ~ 4,2 g
  • Sizes: Height — 14 mm


Ancient Greek myths or echoes of real events? A beautiful legend or historical past? We will investigate, but the question of faith and doubt always remains with us.

Plato wrote two books about the great state of Atlantis, in which he talked about the power of the island state, its political system and customs. Plato admired Atlantis and considered it the pinnacle of civilization.

Beautiful beautiful country behind the Herculean rocks of Gibraltar, a sunny beauty on an endless sea plain. In the middle of the island stood a majestic temple of gold and silver, which rested with spiers in the heavenly gates, and lightning bypassed it. On one of the hills of the island towered the house of the Queen of Atlantis - Clayto, the wife of Poseidon.

According to the legend, Poseidon created the sea state of Atlantis along with his beloved wife, and Queen Clayto became the ancestor of the first Atlanteans. Atlant - a symbol of humanity, which seeks development and knowledge.

The Atlanteans were very strong and lived for 800 years. They were able to control the elements, prevent disasters and manage the structure of time and space. The divine origin of superhumans allowed them to establish relations with nature, so they extracted precious stones from its bowels.

Atlantis is a symbol of physical and spiritual perfection, strength of spirit and impeccability of thought. Atlantis is a symbol of undeniable greatness and true beauty. To be an Atlantean means to strive for perfection. And every person in the world is obliged to strive to be perfect, first of all in the soul. And if the soul is pure, then it is noticeable in every facet and body movement.

Earrings from the new collection "Atlantis" creates an image of a beautiful sunken state and makes us remember its former greatness. And maybe, if we remember the beautiful legend about the Atlanteans, then the world inside us will become warmer? Ornaments should bring a sense of beauty and celebration.

Earrings are made of silver and covered with yellow gold twigs. The beauty of the ocean empire is revealed in a wonderful sea-colored topaz.