Rivendell — earrings made of oxidized silver and yellow gold with diamonds
$2 085
SKU: 5554
SKU: 5554

Rivendell — earrings made of oxidized silver and yellow gold with diamonds

$2 085
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Yellow 14k gold, sterling silver
Diamonds ~ 0,17 ctw
Height ~ 47 mm

Often, very often, events force us to become not what we would have wanted, how we dreamed. As we saw ourselves in our youth, in smoky childhood dreams: brave, bold, glorious, admired by all. Everything seems easy and possible until you grow up. And then the plucky youth - with an open heart, a wide smile, big dreams to do something great and a love of life - to face a reality in which there is also sadness, regret, disappointment and bitterness of defeat. But it is absolutely impossible to build our world based on hopelessness and chaos.

At times like these, we all need Rivendell, a personal haven of peace and quiet. A haven of light in which one breathes freely and resourceful thoughts are filled with experience: thick and warm as pudding. Where solutions take clear shapes and clear silhouettes. Here a solid foundation is formed on which dreams are built.

You ask where is this magical place? We don't have a single answer, because everyone creates their own Rivendell. It can be in a darkened room or among an ancient forest, at the bottom of a cup of sweet cocoa, or in a box given to you by your grandmother.

But... we know one secret how to make a thing special, and it will become the same place of power.
It is need to choose an jewelry which the irrepressible heart prompts, not to hurry to try it on, but for the first time to put it on in a special place and under special events: perhaps under the dense crown of an ancient tree to the rhythm of birdsong or in a grandfather's cottage, maybe to your favorite music or to the murmuring of a mountain stream, or even in the hugs of a special person... Everyone has their own place of power.
And then, in this way, the jewelry is filled with energy, every time will remind you of a pleasant place, return a distressed soul to shelter, or remind you of the loving eyes of a loved one, and hide you in your Rivendell.