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Earrings «Sunny Forest». Silver, yellow gold, gilding, oxidation, opals cabochons

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
  • Insert: Opals cabochons
  • Plating: Gilding and oxidized


Just to feel the tenderness to the universe — the best reason to start your morning. Especially if it is frosty, fresh, saturated with a gentle haze of the blue ocean overhead.

When the sky opens its arms, and the sunlight sinks in them, it is at this moment that the taste of life is felt best. In such moments — acute and sadness and joy. Every moment is filled with an angelic scent, the green of the trees narrows the space to a small watchful pupil in our eyes.

There is nothing better than to wake up in the morning and feel all the love for the universe, all the indescribable ease of being and reject all doubts, fears and imperfections of the world created by us.

«Man is a thread, and the soul is a ball, you say ...» said the famous Russian poet Joseph Brodsky.

Just to feel the tenderness to the universe — the best reason to start your evening. To admire the red stars that sparkle on a clear canvas of the sky.

To look at them so that the picture of the evening sunset immediately appears in my head when the sun sets and draws a brush over the sky in red. Nature sighs sweetly and goes to bed, closing from the outside world. The birds fly away to their nests, and the flowers and plants stop contemplation for one more night and sink into a short sleep.

Earrings «Sunny Forest» simply can not be perceived differently. Only in harmony with nature and the whole world. 

They are made of silver and gold, and decorated with mysterious opals.