Sunny forest — opal stud earrings
$1 005
SKU: 2069
SKU: 2069

Sunny forest — opal stud earrings

$1 005
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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
Opals cabochons
Gilding and oxidation
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A sense of endearment toward the world around you is the best way to start your morning, especially if it is wintry, crisp and saturated with the gentle mist of the blue ocean overhead.

When the sky opens its embrace and sunlight sinks in, there are few things in life that can match the elation of that moment. Sensations of both sorrow and joy are sharp in instances such as these, filled with angelic fragrance and the greenery of the trees. The small but vigilant pupils in our eyes struggle to take in all of the resplendent beauty.

There is nothing better than waking up on such a morning and feeling a deep appreciation for the universe, all the unsurpassed ease of being and rejecting all the doubts, fears and imperfections of the world we have created.

Retaining a sense of endearment toward the world around you is also the best way to start your evening. The earliest moments of dusk immediately come to mind, when the sun sets and paints the sky red with a graceful brush. Nature lets out a sweet sigh before going to bed, shutting itself off from the world. Birds return to their nests, and flowers and plants cease their contemplations for the night and fall into a short slumber. 

The «Sunny Forest» earrings simply cannot be perceived any other way — only in harmony with nature and the world around us. The opals are extravagant symbols of love and friendship, the warmest feelings that exist in human relationships.