Metida — gold earrings with aquamarines and diamonds
$61 500
SKU: 5078
SKU: 5078

Metida — gold earrings with aquamarines and diamonds

$61 500
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White 14K gold
Diamonds of 24 pcs — 1,63 ctw, Aquamarines of 2 pcs — 10,69 ctw
~ 9 g

Imagine a picture detailing two parallel fates, each as dissonant as fire and water. Metis was an independent and invincible titaness, and the powerful, omnipotent Zeus is known by all.

Sometimes life presents us with challenges, and all that we can do is either dissolve into the situation or strive to take control of it. The goddess of wisdom realized that she could not escape from herself, and so she gave in to her husband and accepted the following status of the utmost importance: wife, and later, mother. That is how her story began and ended.

People are often quick to judge choices as right or wrong, even if these determinations are not always true. We believe that every once in a while, you must look within yourself. All the answers one needs are hidden there, and the one that you choose is right. You simply have to comprehend it.

Every time we make jewellery, we immerse ourselves in the process as much as possible. It all starts with an idea that one of our masters chooses to take up. Like an artist, he paints an imaginary picture and breathes life into it. Step by step, from hand to hand, the idea gradually appears. Our Metis. Earrings in white gold with diamonds and aquamarines. The embodiment of wisdom, reward for good deeds done and eternal reflection on the truths of this life.