Cameras — gold earrings with diamonds
$2 100
SKU: 4897
SKU: 4897

Cameras — gold earrings with diamonds

$2 100
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Yellow 14K gold
Diamonds of 2,5 mm - 2 pcs
~ 6 g

She was born to experience beauty and share it with others.

A fixed world lives in her eyes. That which was dynamic, wild and fast now lies motionless in her lens. What lies between the two, eternity and an instant?

Her fantasies are made reality by a director with a passion for life itself. It is through their hands that these moments are frozen in time that they may touch the hearts of millions. Of course, only a look full of love is capable of such a feat. 

Cameras operate in several dimensions at once. Holding the past in one hand and the future in the other, they create slivers of beauty in the here and now.

The «Camera» earrings have been created for those who look at this world through their lenses and immortalize moments for us. We already know that the exquisite combination of yellow gold and diamonds can captivate human hearts with its magnetism. We also hope that this completely novel design will fascinate and surprise. These unquestionably charismatic earrings are the height of nouveau elegance.