Glitter of the Soul — gold earrings with opals
$1 800
SKU: 4722
SKU: 4722

Glitter of the Soul — gold earrings with opals

$1 800
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Yellow 14K gold
Opal 9x7 mm — 2 pcs.

The world is a hall of mirrors, each of which contains our reflection. If a smile curves your lips, the mirror will see even the smallest pixels of this happy gesture and reflect your joy and happiness with pinpoint accuracy in an homage to the freshness of the new day. If a bitter wave of sadness falls over your eyes, do not even think about trying to hide it. Nothing escapes from the eyes of the world.

We play, dance, laugh, anticipate, pine after... no verb of our existence can hide from the strictest of supervisors, the singular master of reality, the world in which we live. And the soul ...

What of the soul? The soul crescendos when all other sounds are mute. The soul needs no partner to dance its exquisite waltz. It sings opera without an orchestra. It plays the most important roles without a single spectator. It loves without notions of possession and feels without words.

‘Look into the soul’, said the sages, ‘there you will find perfection’. Innocence. Angelic brilliance. The beauty of a delicate, satin cut. The tenderness of silk. The passion of Atlanta and the stubborn surface of infinity. All of our shortcomings are shortcomings of the mind. The soul is perfect and knows no flaws.

Once the Soul came to visit the Mind. She knocked angrily at the door and strode into the Mind’s cramped closet of a living space. Their conversation did not last long. To be precise, only the Soul spoke, and she told him only one sentence: ‘How can you speak of your own limitations if you have me?’

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