Baroque — earrings made of yellow gold with diamonds
$1 617
SKU: 5278
SKU: 5278

Baroque — earrings made of yellow gold with diamonds

$1 617
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Yellow 14K gold
Diamonds - 2 pcs
Height with an ear - 22 mm
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Imagine if we were born in a time of luxury, the Baroque period!

Close your eyes. Look around you, engaging your imagination: the turning point of the Renaissance period. A world in which art, takes a strange, sometimes wrong form of realization. You and I are not perfect either, sometimes overly fastidious and loud. Our characters are like painting a picture in bright, sometimes pompous colors.

We wander, observing the expressiveness and lush decorum in every, even the smallest detail. We merge with this world, pondering whether it was created especially for us.

Our solemn, sometimes, striking mannerisms and nonattachment to all that is considered "normal." Art is a strange thing, and the art of loving is something worth studying and carrying with us through life!