Aurora — silver amethyst earrings with gold
$1 350
SKU: 2072
SKU: 2072

Aurora — silver amethyst earrings with gold

$1 350
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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
Amethysts 10x7 mm — 2 шт.
~ 3,5 g
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Aurora is the ancient Roman goddess of the morning star. When she awakens from her long and sweet sleep, the whole world is roused with her. The stars slowly vanish from the sky, giving way to the light blue flicker of the sun. The long and stifling night is replaced by a bright, fresh day, packed full of events to come and the roar of crowds.

She brings daylight to both the gods and the people. A graceful gesture from a delicate hand bestows a blessing for a new cycle of warmth and light.

She is often depicted in a red and yellow dress with either a sun disk over her head, a halo, or a crown of rays encircling her brow. She rides a winged chariot drawn by chestnut-brown horses and carries a torch in her right hand.

Earrings from the «Aurora» collection emulate the charm of her soul and body, the delicacy of her beautiful arms, the strength of her godly heart. The base of the earrings is crafted from silver, and the claws covering the stone are yellow gold. The French clasp also shines bright with honey-coloured gold.

The stone we chose for these earrings is anything but routine. A purple amethyst is tucked tenderly into the piece, radiating luxurious charm.