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Earrings "Versailles". Silver, gold, oxidation, black spinel

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
  • Insert: Black Spinel 5 mm — 2 pcs.
  • Weight: ~ 5,2 g
  • Plating: Oxidized
  • Sizes: Height is 18.5 mm, width is 5.5 mm.


What does true greatness look like?

Depending on the perception of the world, we see it in different ways. Wealth, wisdom, steel character, dancing youth, love, dignity, flexible mind. The choice depends on the angle of view. But there are objective things, like the theory of relativity — it's impossible to argue with them.

It is a parade of planets in the Galaxy, the power of the Sun and the beauty of the starry sky. True greatness is in objectivity. It is impossible to argue with the solar system and not to agree with the motion of the planets in orbit. It is also impossible to argue with the historical role of the Louvre and the magnificence of Versailles.

Versailles are not buildings and parks, not wide windows and lush rooms. Versailles is a symbol of the genuine greatness of the French people. Fates were created in it, dynasties were born and coups were made. Versailles is a metaphor, in it is concentrated real power and power. The Middle Ages made France a superpower, and today we can look into the Versailles gardens and feel the power to the last leaf.

The absolute monarchy reached its apogee in the mighty palace. Look at its golden walls and silk sheets, look back at the ancient sculptures and paintings of great artists. Subtlety and strength - so you can describe the palace, and your eyes can not argue. Did you know that there are seven rooms in Versailles dedicated to the ancient deities - Diana, Mars, Mercury, Apollo, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus? The Emblem of the King of France was the Sun, the emblem was the lily, and the apartments lent the plots of the parade of the planets.

There is a time when the decoration is so beautiful that it is impossible to object. It concentrates power, beauty and elegance, like the palace of Versailles, which has become a collection of past eras.

Our earrings from the collection "Versailles" are made of silver, and their patterns resemble the architecture of the Small and the Great Trianon. In Paris we lent elegance, in the French — charisma, in the palace — greatness and beauty.

In the heart of "Versailles" are delicate black spinel.