Power of Life — silver earrings with yellow gold and garnets
$1 260
SKU: 0688
SKU: 0688

Power of Life — silver earrings with yellow gold and garnets

$1 260
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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
Garnet 5 mm — 2 pcs.
~ 11 g
Height — 30 mm
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Is it possible life is just a set of shots that the Universe observes as if it were a television show? That life is just what is between the first breath until the final moment. 

No, we question such dogmas. One should not believe the absurdity while the whole world breathes with sense and fills our eyes with colors. Albert Einstein said that the world cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved with understanding. 

Of course, not anyone could be another Newton, Einstein, Edison or Tesla. There is no way to discover every law, according to which our existence is possible. We can only accept the gift of life and fill it with meaningful power and wisdom. 

Love and friendship, faith and hope, understanding, and sensuality — we were gifted with many wonders through which we comprehend our mind and inner world. But we form the power of life independently — through our deeds, thoughts, and actions. 

Everything in the world is relative because 10% of life consists of events and the rest 90% are our reactions to it. A wise man knows that his life must be filled with inner strength. As Henry Beecher said: «Greatness is not about being strong, it’s about using your power properly». 

Our magnificent «Power of Life» earrings carry a true philosophy of wisdom. Adorning a woman’s face, they emphasize the subtle beauty of features, adding sophistication. 

The base of this jewellery is made of textured silver, oxidised to enrich the design. Golden floral lines smoothly lead to natural emeralds on the gold and silver background.

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