Sunny forest — silver pusets with garnets
SKU: 0669
SKU: 0669

Sunny forest — silver pusets with garnets

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Sterling Silver
Garnets 6 mm — 2 pcs.
~ 3,5 g
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Our charming handmade «Sunny Forest» earrings, which feature natural garnets, are depicted in the photograph above. Red stars twinkling on impeccably pure silver. Incredible, original and remarkably feminine.

With just one glance they evoke the image of a resplendent dusk, when the sun sets and paints the sky red with a graceful brush. Nature lets out a sweet sigh before going to bed, shutting itself off from the world. Birds return to their nests, and flowers and plants cease their contemplations for the night and fall into a short slumber. Admire the red stars as they twinkle against the backdrop of a clear sky. 

The «Sunny Forest» earrings simply cannot be perceived any other way. Only in harmony with nature and the world around us. Red garnets symbolize love and friendship, the warmest feelings that are known to us as humans.