Source of life — gold earrings with opals
$2 100
SKU: 1901
SKU: 1901

Source of life — gold earrings with opals

$2 100
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Yellow 14K gold
Opal cabochon 8x6 mm — 2 pcs.
~ 5 g
Height — 10,8 mm, the width is 8,3 mm
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White opal is a stone that humanity has known since time immemorial. It is one of nature’s most formidable minerals.

White opal winks like the smile of a shimmering angel, so graceful and unobtrusive that it can only evoke admiration and an invocation of the soul. It is a miracle of nature concentrated in the small and exquisite beauty of form and colour.

For many centuries, cultures around the world have heralded the opal as a ward against black magic. Eastern peoples, known for their spirituality and deep meditations on enlightenment, consider the opal a guardian of love, fidelity and family happiness. In European traditions, the white opal reveals human talents and promotes the full realization of one’s creative potential.

White opal nourishes human spirituality and inclines it toward harmony with nature, the world and the cosmos. We also decided our «Source of Life» collection should feature an opal piece.

Many people believe that in order for the stone’s full power to be revealed, it must be framed with precious metals. White opals have a fragile and glassy structure, and its colour is similar to the cold shade of milky skies, shimmering from pale blue to transparent white. A strong gold casing protects the opal, sheltering it in a precious embrace.

We took extra care to make the base of the earrings especially firm and harmonious. Twigs and leaves coil around the opal, seeking purchase on its gleaming surface. The opal itself is clothed in a golden sunburst that seems to emanate out into space with a halo of flashing colours.

If you examine the stone from different angles, it begins to resemble a source of unearthly, cosmic radiance.

However, it is worth noting that such a mysterious stone also requires proper care. You can learn more about caring for opal jewellery in the following article on opals.