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Earrings "Soul and body." French clasp. Yellow gold, fusing of yellow gold

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Yellow 14k Gold
  • Plating: Melting of yellow gold


Real beauty is inseparable from the elegance of a woman. It is a part of purpose and meaning in everything - in life, and in creativity. Beauty is an outward manifestation of life in a person, but if there is no soul in it, then it is only the cold of the lines. All the most beautiful things in the world come from the tandem of the soul and body.

No artist could paint a picture with a brush alone; no book could have touched our heart if it were not sincere; no sculpture would hurt us if it were created by a soulless cold master.

In the photo — female earrings from our mind-boggling collection "Soul and body". This collection also includes engagement rings, crosses and bracelets. These are very symbolic ornaments that not only please their external beauty, but also have a deep inner meaning.

"No external beauty can not be full, if it is not animated by inner charm. The beauty of the soul is poured like a mysterious light through bodily beauty, "Victor Hugo said.

We emphasized the harmony of inner and outer beauty in these earrings. The front side with gold fusing symbolizes the body, and the inner side — the soul and inner essence of man. As the sages said, the most important meetings are arranged by the souls before the bodily shells meet.

The inner side is hidden from the eyes of others, but this is no less beautiful and elegant. The main eye you will not see. So here - the most important is open only to those who seek and always find. The engraving on the inner side of the earrings is made in the form of tree branches made of yellow gold.

Earrings are made of yellow gold in a classic French style. On both sides they are covered by fusing of yellow gold.