Scorpio — silver stud earrings
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SKU: 0703

Scorpio — silver stud earrings

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Sterling silver
Diameter — 15 mm

What is the first association you have when you hear about scorpions? Zodiac sign, endless African deserts, world-famous rock band.

Scorpio is an ancient creature that has undergone a huge evolutionary path. Yes, a scorpion is primarily a danger, but it also develops the secret of the antidote from its own poison. Two facets of the world are combined in his body: this is a dual symbol that embodies both a deadly bite and a cure for it.

The peoples of ancient Egypt and Tibet considered the scorpion a symbol of protection from enemies and evil and wore amulets in the form of a scorpion. In the beliefs of the Sumerians, scorpion people guarded the sacred gate from attacks from outside. And on the mental level, the sign of scorpion means liberation of energy and incarnation in a new body.

Is it true that the symbol is so multifaceted that only one association is too limited?

Our beautiful earrings will give you a new perception of the sacred sign. On the silver canvas, the scorpions twisted into a powerful shield for your protection and protection.