Vintage — silver earrings-pouches with topazes
SKU: 1851
SKU: 1851

Vintage — silver earrings-pouches with topazes

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Sterling Silver
Topaz 5 mm — 2 pcs.
~ 2,6 g
White rhodium
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Would you like to be transported to another era? To become the lead of the movie «Midnight in Paris» for just a few hours, stepping into the atmosphere of a boisterous holiday, colourful dresses, unusual outfits and tall hairstyles? To play not just a spectator, but a direct participant in literary parties of high-profile cabaret?

Would you wander the twilight streets of Paris in a long black dress adorned with feathers, or breathe in the evening lights, strolling with poise and grace along the cosy alleys of Montmartre?

Each of us dreams of something different. Centuries pass and the classics remain. We are confident that vintage, as a fusion of eras and cultures, has a place in everyone’s hearts. Vintage is stylization based on the antique, or that which used to be called «retro». This term originated in French winemaking and later moved to everyday life, architecture and design.

We applied this vintage style to several pieces of jewellery, one of which became the timeless «Vintage» earrings.

They were crafted from silver and coated with white rhodium to retain their incredible lustre and beauty for ages to come. The classic pattern blends harmoniously with blue topazes