Nuts — yellow gold earrings
$1 200
SKU: 1839
SKU: 1839

Nuts — yellow gold earrings

$1 200
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Yellow 14k Gold
~ 4 g
Height — 12 mm, width — 10 mm

And often you, walking in the autumn park, met a squirrel in a velvet chestnut coat? Probably, having noticed her fluffy look, you quietly stopped aside and watched her smooth movements with gentle eyes.

Her black eyes caught crisp autumn colors and absorbed the yellow-red clothes of the forest. She thoughtfully crumpled the nuts in her paw, thinking about something else. Far away from us.

And you continued to watch. What ease was in her every movement! How powerful, dexterity, elegance of each step!

The very charm of nature hid in her small, fragile body. The trees for her are the whole world, the forest is the whole Universe. Every day of her life is research. Every step is a journey.

We have created a new model of earrings «Nuts», because we sincerely admire the ease and thoughtfulness of nature. Everything in it is so beautiful that you can draw pictures from each leaf. And from every moment — to shoot films.

Earrings «Nuts» — the lightness, elegance, warm beauty. If you want to be a little closer to nature, then we created them especially for you.

Earrings are made of yellow gold with the texture of these nuts.