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Earrings «Kundalini». Silver, black spinel, oxidation

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Insert: Black spinel 6 mm — 2 pcs.
  • Weight: ~ 6,7 g
  • Plating: Oxidized
  • Sizes: The height of the earrings is 45 mm


The special life energy lives in each of us. Mystic energy of fire, capable of both bringing to the divine spheres, and incinerating to the ground. How to give a paradise pleasure to a comprehensive vision, and to throw off the unprecedented heights of consciousness into the jungle of primitive instincts.

Kundalini. Indomitable sleeping energy awaits its time. She is waiting to wake up and a powerful charge to lead us to a superhuman, unearthly and extraordinary!

Kundalini. Dancing a beautiful bizarre dance, wriggling along the seven energy centers of the body, she paints a unique pattern. Two streams, like two wise snakes curling around an invisible base. This intertwining of opposite principles in us — ascending and descending, right and left, male and female, active and passive, solar and lunar, fire and water, day and night, being and non-being.

The visual symbol of kundalini (also known as Caduceus, or the Wand of Hermes) has long been used as the emblem of medicine. In occultism, this image is the symbol of the key, which opens the veil between darkness and light, good and evil, life and death.

Snakes indicate a hidden dynamics in that it looks outwardly stable. They represent two differently directed streams, the connection of heaven and earth, spiritual and material. Everything that is born on earth comes from heaven, and after it passes its way of trials and experiences, it must rise again to heaven. This is an eternal cycle. This is an endless dance of universal divine energy!

In each of us, in its infancy, powerful explosive energy sleeps. The energy of total transformation and divine perfection. The hidden potential is dormant at the core of our being. It is enough to awaken this fiery energy, how the currents of cardinal changes will carry us into vast and real spaces of consciousness! Consciousness that sees everything manifested and unmanifested, earthly and unearthly, habitual and unusual, ordinary and fabulous in its true light.

Listen to the hidden pulsation of energy, to her breathing, to the Kundalini dance. Listen to what whispers the inner energy of the fire that burns inside. Let her whisper become more tangible to you. Listen, and you will certainly realize the fabulous changes that are awakening in you!

Earrings «Kundalini» give a unique ability to hear the subtle pulsations of internal energy, move in the rhythm of world harmony and dance an incredibly beautiful dance of cosmic creation.

The silver base of earrings is a monthly, female principle. Silver calms and pacifies, gives depth to the vision and sensitivity of perception. Two black spinels symbolize the solar, male, principle — the principle of unconditional light fills life and powerful power all around. The combination of these two fundamentals generates a particularly harmonious, balanced and perfect energy charge, embedded in this decoration!

French silver clasp.