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Earrings «Celtic labyrinths». Silver, oxidation, red garnets

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Insert: Garnet 2 mm — 6 pcs.


One does not simply walk through a maze, and why would you when you could move along the banal lines of roads, taking in the uniformity of the walls and the pale conventionality of the shadows? You can dance your way through the labyrinth with love in your heart, belief in a dream and pockets full of happiness.

This is the only way to reach the end.

A labyrinth is nothing more than the search for a path, drawing you out of an inert state and forcing you to seek out a solution. You could assume that, having found yourself in a maze, your first priority would be to find a way out of it. This is then followed by vain attempts to wind your way along the tangled paths and desperate efforts to find clear entry and exit points.

But what should one look for? Not a way out. Not a path. Find your dance, your inimitably unique steps and poses. Find the most difficult and nebulous path in all the universe. Find the door to yourself, to which you need not walk thousands of kilometres, but rather make only a single step.

The most difficult step of all, one that forever alters your sense of self-awareness. A step heavy with the weight of responsibility, and a step that will change everything. Once you take this step, you will look around and understand that there are no walls around you. Indeed, there never have been, nor was there a maze.

There was only an open space on the edge of the notions of true and untrue. There was soft grass in which the soul rested. There was a world full of myth. There were walls that we built and destroyed ourselves.

«Celtic Labyrinths» Earrings. The most important symbol in the search for a spiritual path. Silver, oxidation, red garnets.