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Earrings «Birds» with a French clasp. White gold

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k White Gold
  • Weight: ~ 2,4 g


The well-known philosopher Osho said: «If you caught a bird, do not keep it in a cage, do not make it want to fly away from you, but could not. And make it so that she can fly away, but she does not want to. »

Birds have always had a tremendous symbolic value for man. Swallows were associated with spring and warm edges, doves — with peace and happiness, swan — fidelity and angelic beauty.

Birds have traveled a much longer evolutionary path than man. Millions of years they knew our planet and felt the freedom of flight, whether it be the Middle Ages, New Time or the 21st Century. Their freedom and independence attracts our eyes and makes the heart tremble, looking at how waving their wings, they conquer the heavenly space.

Some myths even say that the human soul is a bird that dissects thick clouds in search of paradise. And how nice to hear the singing of a bird in the forest, when the first steps of spring descend to the ground ...

We created earrings from the collection «Birds» on the model of forest singing, the breath of spring and gold of gentle fluttering wings. They attract the hearts of beautiful girls and women.

Earrings are made in the form of beautiful fluttering birds. They dance in the sky like ballerinas in Swan Lake. Light, like fluff and soft, like marshmallow clouds. The golden French clasp adds charm and fragile tenderness. Perfect earrings for women with a pure kind heart.

The golden bird flew into a twig and sings forest songs of his mother — in the spring.

Earrings are completely made of white gold without additional cover.