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Earrings «Aurora» with a French clasp. White and yellow gold, green amethyst, black rhodium

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k White Gold and 14k Yellow Gold
  • Insert: Green amethysts 10x7 mm — 2 pcs
  • Weight: ~ 9 g
  • Plating: black rhodium
  • Sizes: Height is 38.5 mm, width is 11.5 mm.


Aurora is the ancient Roman goddess of the morning dawn. When she wakes up from a long sweet dream, the whole world awakens with her. The stars slowly leave the sky, giving way to azure solar flicker. To replace the long, stingy heat, the night comes a bright, fresh day, thick, full of events and the roar of the crowd.

It brings daylight to the gods and people, the gentle gesture of a beautiful hand gives a blessing to a new cycle of heat and light.

Often in her paintings, she is drawn with a winged, chariot-drawn horses, in a red and yellow garment, sometimes with a sun disc over her head, with a halo or a crown of rays around her chelas, or with a torch in her right hand.

Earrings from the collection «Aurora» repeat the charm of her soul and body, the tenderness of her beautiful hands, the strength of her divine heart. The base of the earring is made of white gold, and the clasp is made of yellow gold.

The stone that we chose for these earrings is unusual for the world of jewelry art. It is a green amethyst, extremely clear, clean, fresh, because it looks like the morning dew, which falls on the flower fields.