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Earring "Living water". Silver, yellow gold, emeralds, oxidation

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
  • Insert: Emerald of 2 mm — 2 pcs.
  • Weight: ~ 4,5 g
  • Plating: Oxidized


Nature never grows old, it only passes from one state to another. When the leaves are covered with yellow spots, this does not mean that the natural cycle comes to a logical conclusion. It means that transformation takes place, but next year green leaves will again please us with coniferous aroma.

Nature is always young, because it is filled with vital energy. She never stands still, she is in constant development. It is organic, simple, does not tolerate prejudice. Her life oozes with laughter and warm joy, she cleans herself from excess.

In the arsenal of nature - hundreds of elixirs of beauty, youth and longevity. And one of them we put in a fine earring of hand made from the collection "Zhivitsa". We call gum a resin that flows out of a tree, its juice. This is the real water of life, which brings people health and joy of sensations.

Nature gives us energy in food, in the sun, in the air. When you walk in a warm forest, just go to the tree and ... hug it. There are people who are not bitten by snakes, because their soul is rewarded with destiny.

But man himself creates his own destiny. Love of nature will return to you with the highest gratitude, and her vital energy will fill you for the fulfillment of the most daring ideas. Fall in love with the sun, in the trees, in singing birds, in the patient silence of the clouds, in sharp drops of rain. Fall in love with nature, and will be loved by it.

With the help of jewelry mastery the creativity of nature turns into the material creativity of man. The base of the earring is similar to the bark of a tree, it is made of silver and covered with oxidation. Juicy live drops of pure water sprinkle hard bark. Natural emeralds of bright soft velvet color decorate the mystery of the natural elixir.

A little about making jewelry. The earring is made entirely by hand, without the use of 3D technologies. At first our designer drew a model of an earring on a regular sheet of paper. After we made the wax-workpiece jewelry, cast it in silver and soldered drops of yellow gold.