Bird on a twig — silver brooch
SKU: 4342
SKU: 4342

Bird on a twig — silver brooch

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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
~ 3,5 g
White rhodium
Height — 17 mm, width — 26 mm
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Waiting for spring is like waiting for paradise. If you have spring not outside your window, but in your soul, then paradise will never again be just a simple fairy tale. Paradise will always be close by if you do not allow your heart to grow cold or grow clouded by doubt and imbalance.

One can find spring in many things. It can be found in love, in friends, in one’s favourite job, or in vibrant occasions.

We have made it possible to find spring not only in feelings and emotions, but also in jewellery. After all, jewellery is not simply a material thing! It is also a feeling and a genuine emotion.

The captivating and delicate «Bird on a Flowering Branch» pendant is no exception.

A charming golden bird opened the gates to paradise with a flutter of its wings and flew to the warm green lands beyond. It perched on a golden branch and began to sing a song of heavenly joy. 

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