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Forest Spoon. Tempered silver, oxidation

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Britannia silver
  • Plating: Oxidized
  • Sizes: The total length is 100 mm. Width scooped — 23 mm. The length of scooped out — 30 mm. Depth scooped — 6 mm.


In books, we often find descriptions of the era of French and English kings. In those days, jewelry was very valued, considered a symbol of prestige and high status in society. And the titled graphs, barons, and marquises always kept silverware in their boxes, in order to flaunt wealth and luxury on occasion. They treated the guests with sweet wine and fruit in elegant dishes, and jam ate with the help of refined silver spoons.

Today, an exquisite silver spoon from Kochut would suit their table. We have long worked on its creation. In the process of creativity, we managed to create the same spoons weighing 33 grams. Scooped received a larger volume. This spoon can really be fed, not only used as a decorative accessory.

The thickness guarantees long-term use for many, many years. On request, we can make an individual engraving. Very nice accessory for home and personal use.

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