Dew of love — golden cross with a coating of black rhodium
SKU: 4216
SKU: 4216

Dew of love — golden cross with a coating of black rhodium

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14K White Gold
~ 3 g
Black rhodium
Height with eye — 27 mm, width — 15 mm
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Have you ever met a summer dawn in the woods? The transparent fog gently covers the last stars with a blanket so as not to disturb their daytime sleep. Crystal-clear tears fall on the young grass, filling it with the last vestiges of energy left behind by the crispness of evening. Small drops of a heavenly blessing sprinkle the earth with the touch of pale angels.

It is a gift from above. Beautiful goddesses drank of the dew as if it were the elixir of life. Young girls used to wash themselves in dew to preserve their beauty and youth. Iris, the goddess of rainbows and the messenger of the gods, wears a dress of brilliant dew.

Dew appears on the border of two worlds — the morning light and the mists of night. It has magical powers, as it soaks up the essence of the morning sun. The Slavs refer to dew as the tears of the Mother of God — tears of divine compassion and purity.

From ancient times, dewdrops have symbolized the notion that a person is a «microcosm», a universe in miniature. The slightest drop can reflect the whole world, from the sun to the smallest of creatures. Rays of light pass through the dewdrop and refract, shimmering with a mystical array of colours. The same can be said of a person. If their soul is pure, divine light will radiate from it.

We created a small cross called «Dew of Love» from beautiful white gold and covered it with black rhodium.